Why Choose J1 Ireland?

Book your own flights – Determine your Total Cost:

  •  Make sure you determine the final cost of your J-1 visa by pricing and booking your own flight.
  • Choose the best flight prices available from unlimited flight providers.
  • Don’t wait for the final cost of your J-1 to be determined by unconfirmed flight prices.
  • Have the freedom to select your chosen US airports for arrivals and departures.

Fixed Price Guarantee: We are up-front and clear about our costs. We don’t quote you a price and then put it up after a certain date. – NO price hikes after certain cut-off dates and NO late fee penalties.

No Hidden costs: We are up-front with our costs. No hidden add-ons e.g. luggage handling, postage etc.

Realistic Job Offer deadline – APRIL 1st!: This ensures that you have sufficient time to source your job, process your application, attend embassy interview, receive J-1 Visa stamp on passport, all before you travel.

Please note that your J-1 Visa booking will be held until April 1st. J1 Ireland cannot guarantee that your program position will be held after this date if your job-offer and ALL application documentation is not submitted by this date.

Easy Payment Plan: Deposit €99, second payment of €150 due within 30 days. These payments secure your place on the program. Final payment ONLY due when your job-offer and J-1 Visa application have been approved and DS-2019 paperwork ready for issue.

Health Insurance: Our fees are inclusive of Health Insurance

GAA OFFER – Please watch out for our special GAA offer for students in 2020

Friendly and helpful customer service: We look forward to assisting you with any queries you may have in a timely and friendly fashion.

J1 Ireland continues to offer the most flexible and most cost-effective option for students planning their J-1 Summer Work and Travel Visa program each year

No confusion, no what ifs!
It makes sense to book with J1 Ireland.