Arrival Date: The participant must arrive two days before the DS-2019 start date. The participant can expect to begin paid training 1 to 1 ½ weeks following the arrival date. The participant must ensure they have enough US currency to pay for housing, food, transportation, and any other living expenses while they are
waiting to start working. The participant is not expected to start work on the DS-2019 start date.

Program Start Date: per DS-2019. The participant will be assigned a program start date by LifeTRAVELED. If the participant misses their program start date, they will be moved to the next program start date available. The participant’s health insurance will be active starting on the DS-2019 start date.

Program End Date: per DS-2019. Only a participant able to stay through the end of the program should apply for this position. Unauthorized early departures are not permitted and will result in program termination and the loss of all fees / deposits paid.

The health insurance will be active through the DS-2019 end date. Please note: The participant must purchase a round trip airline ticket with an open end so
that the return can be changed without a charge should there be a need.

Visa Appointment Date: All participants with a DS-2019 start date in May must visit the USA Embassy for their visa interview by March 27th. All participants with a DS-2019 start datein June must visit the USA Embassy for their visa interview by April 17th. If the participant is unable to secure an appointment on or before this date, they will be cancelled from the program. They will receive a program refund, less a $250 processing fee.

Company: Universal Studios Orlando
Placement Location: 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819
Company Description: At Universal Orlando Resort you can have fun, be yourself, and enjoy new experiences. Every day is different and full of exciting surprises with opportunities to learn and grow.
Placement Title: Seasonal F&B Team Member
Placement Description: This is intended as a brief explanation of the position. Full position details will be given directly by the employer. The participant must make sure to ask all questions regarding the position during the recruitment process and BEFORE signing the placement offer.

QUICK SERVICE ASSOCIATE (QSR): The Quick Service Associate (QSR) position is responsible for several aspects within the various Food & Beverage
venues located across our theme parks and CityWalk. These include operating the cash register and POS system, performing basic cooking and food
preparation, providing exemplary guest service by greeting guests and helping with internal and external crowd control, and assisting with cleaning duties
that include mopping floors, emptying trash, and wiping down tables. This Team Member will also assist in restocking condiments, bussing tables and
running food. Major responsibilities:

• Take and fill Food & Beverage orders requested by guests
• Basic preparation and/or cooking of food for various Food & Beverage
venues (i.e. operating fryers to handle fried food cooked on a timer)
• Provide friendly and courteous assistance to guests while answering
questions and directing guests within the restaurant.
• Clean tables in the dining areas in an efficient and expedient manner.
Maintain floors by sweeping and mopping. Empty garbage cans, stock and
replenish condiment stands and straightening chairs.
• Understands and actively participates in Environmental, Health & Safety
responsibilities by following established UO policy, procedures, training
and team member involvement activities.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

STARBUCKS BARISTA: Working as a Barista, Team Members represent not only the Universal Brand, but also Starbucks! Team Members continuously
delight, rejuvenate and energize our guests with the art of creating and serving espresso and coffee drinks in the heart of the excitement at Universal
Orlando Resort! Major responsibilities:

• Prepare all beverages to standard and hand out quality drinks every time.
• Follow policies and procedures for operational flow at each station.
• Maintain a clean work area and immediate surrounding areas.
• Follow inventory stocking and recording guidelines.
• Present oneself professionally and demonstrate clear communication by
using Star Skills with all customer and partner interactions.
• Follow cash handling and register procedures.
• Follow standards for merchandising, stocking, rotating and storing all

STOCKER: Work in a location where you will save the day and ensure that everything is show-ready for guests and Team Members by stocking our
outdoor food carts, checking in food product and jumping in to assist your fellow Team Members as needed. Major responsibilities:

• Inform management of stock levels to ensure proper inventory and stock.
Receive, verify, and count incoming shipments from warehouse or
• Stock the location(s), optimizing usage of stock rooms and shelving space
and keeping stockrooms clean and organized.
• Process damaged product by removing from location(s) and filling out
proper paperwork.
• Partner with management to ensure optimum stock levels and maintains
the appearance of the location.
• Positively impact the guest experience through the execution of guest
service standards.

Placement Requirements: The participant is expected to bathe every day and wear deodorant. The host employer will provide the participant with grooming guidelines during orientation with them. Employers in the US typically have restrictions regarding piercings, tattoos, facial hair, and un-natural hair colors. If any of
these apply to the participant, we strongly suggest consulting with the host regarding any concerns before accepting the placement offer.
Skills: English speaking Intermediate/Advanced level required. An outgoing and friendly personality is a must. Must be able to work quickly and efficiently.

Pay Rate: $15.00 per hour

Work Hours: The participant will have at least 1 day off each week and will have a flexible schedule that may change each week based on the employer’s needs. The
participant should not expect to have the same schedule each week. The participant is expected to work weekends and holidays, since this is the busiest
time for the host employer. The participant may work early in the morning or late at night. Therefore, the participant may need to travel to/from work by
themselves when it is dark outside. The participant will have a minimum of 32 work hours per week and will generally work 3-6 days per week, 4-8 hours per
day. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, weather conditions or other factors beyond the control of the Host Employer and/or LifeTRAVELED, some
placements have uncertain start dates and hours of work and the participant may not receive the minimum 32 hours. The participant must be able to support
all of their expenses in the U.S. until he/she gets their first paycheck, throughout the entire duration of the program, and in the event of reduced working hours and must have at least $1,000 with themselves upon arrival in the U.S. as well as access to a credit card that can be used for uncontrollable circumstances.

Second Placement: A second placement may be possible, however the participant must have the employer fill out the LifeTRAVELED placement offer, as well as submit all the necessary vetting documents and send it to the LifeTRAVELED office for approval BEFORE STARTING WORKING. Only after written approval of the placement by LifeTRAVELED can a participant work in a second placement. Due to the flexible nature of the first placement schedule, the participant may find it
difficult to find a second placement. The participant can find a second placement on their own provided the work schedule of the second placement doesn’t conflict in any way with the placement provided through the program. A participant’s first commitment is the placement provided through the program, and the participant’s J-1 status and DS 2019 is tied directly to the program placement.

Company Benefits: Free park admission, food & merchandise discounts, meal vouchers, and access to Team Member only events.

Drug Testing: The participant may be required to undergo a physical examination and drug test upon arrival or during the program. The participant must remember to bring a doctor’s note for any regular medication that could be revealed by the drug test. A participant will be dismissed from the program and/or placement
if the test reveals illegal substance use. Medical Marijuana cards and other such temporary documentation are not accepted by LifeTRAVELED to override this


Self-Located Housing : The participant is given the opportunity to find and secure their own housing arrangements. The participant must ensure that they have made the selection for Self-Housing or Sponsor Referred/Employer Housing (whichever is offered) on the Program Application. All details of the self-housing should be given to LifeTRAVELED no later than March 15, 2023.
The participant must submit all housing details to LifeTRAVELED by completing the Self-Housing Vetting Form.
The housing will be reviewed for approval by LifeTRAVELED The housing mustbe  approved by LifeTRAVELED. LifeTRAVELED advises the participant not to pay
a security deposit until the housing has been approved in writing by LifeTRAVELED. If the housing is not approved by LifeTRAVELED, the participant
will need to find alternate housing. LifeTRAVELED will make every attempt to verify the information provided; however, the participant must assume full
responsibility for the selection and arrangements for housing that the participant makes. Per Department of State regulations, the housing must be no more than 1.15 hours ride on public transportation or no more than an 8-mile bike ride roundtrip. The participant should be aware that if they rent an apartment, many
apartment complexes will charge a deposit, and the participant will likely be responsible for purchasing/renting furniture and securing utilities such as gas,
electricity, water, trash, and sewer. The participant should be cautious of housing scams. The participant should not finalize any housing until receiving LifeTRAVELED approval, although LifeTRAVELED does not guarantee legitimacy of any housing secured by participant.

Tips for avoiding rental scams:

• Learn the basics of how rental listing scams work.
• Get the terms of your rental, including fees, rent, and maintenance in
• Get a copy of the lease, signed by both you and the property
• Do a search on the owner, real estate management company, and listing. If you find the same ad listed under a different name, that’s a clue it may
be a scam.

• Don’t wire money as a deposit or payment of first and last month’s rent. Wiring money is the same as giving cash; you can’t get a refund, even if
you find out the offer was a fraud.
• Don’t give in to high-pressure sales tactics.
• Don’t pay a security deposit, fee, or first month’s rent before you’ve signed a lease.
• Don’t rent a property that you are haven’t seen in photos or in person.
• Don’t give your personal information or Social Security number to a property owner, without verifying their identity.

If the participant is not able to secure self-housing by the given deadline, the participant has the option to request Sponsor Referred/Employer Housing
(whichever is offered) OR cancel the program based on the cancelation rules in the application. If the participant selects the Sponsor Referred Housing, the
$165 Non-Refundable Housing Registration and Placement fee will then be due 60 days prior to the arrival.


Sponsor Referred Housing: LifeTRAVELED has located and will pre-arrange housing for each participant for the entire duration of the program. Each participant selecting Sponsor Referred Housing is required to pay $165 Non-Refundable Housing Registration Fee at the time of application.
The housing is set up by LifeTRAVELED; however, the payment and any lease and/or rooming agreement is between the Exchange Visitor and Housing Facility directly.
The Sponsor Referred Housing is Extended Stay America-Universal Blvd., 8750 Universal Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819, US. Please check the accommodation
website to get more information on the hotel, amenities, and area. Each room will have furnishings as it is a hotel room. Each room will have 2 double beds
and a sleeper sofa. There are laundry facilities on-site. WIFI is included. The participant will be required to pay for the first 30 nights in advance 60 days
prior to arrival. The cost of the monthly rate will be split between the participants sharing the room. After the first 30 nights, the participant will be
responsible for paying the rent to the hotel by placing their bank account information online. The bank card must be on file before the 30th night of stay.
One participant will need to place their American bank card on file to pay the room rent each week, and the other participants need to pay that participant
their share of the rent 2 days before it is due. Rent is paid one week in advance once the initial pre-paid 30 nights has been fulfilled. The participant will be able
to check into the room after 4 PM on the date of arrival. If the participant wants to leave after the 30 nights, they will need to submit a self-housing vetting form to LifeTRAVELED for approval before moving. A participant cannot move out of the Extended Stay if it would leave the room unaffordable for the other roommates.
The daily cost of housing is listed below, inclusive of taxes, for a double room which includes a sleeper sofa. This price is based on the room being shared by
either 3 or 4 participants. This is based on a stay for the entire duration of the program. If the participant decides to stay for a shorter period of time, the hotel
will charge the regular daily rate for the entire time that the participant has been there. LifeTRAVELED will accept roommate number and roommate
requests, but the participant must understand that the selection made may or may not be available based on the number of participants who arrive at the
placement once visas are granted. Participants cannot change roommate assignments without LifeTRAVELED approval. Any roommate change after
arrival must be requested in writing to LifeTRAVELED, who will review the request.

The daily rate for a room with three people is $63+ 12.5% taxes= $70.88 per night. Each participant would pay $23.63 per day.
The daily rate for a room with four people is $68+12.5% taxes= $76.50 per night.
Each participant would pay $19.13 per day, and two people would need to share
a bed.
Please email LifeTRAVELED at with any questions you may have prior to arrival.
All participants are required to pay for the housing through the end date of the housing contract. If a participant needs to leave the program for any reason
before completion, that participant is still responsible for paying for the housing through the end of the room reservation and/or housing end date.


Housing Location Info: The housing is approximately 3-miles away from the Universal Studio’s property – an approximately 35-minute bus ride. The closest grocery store is Publix which is 2 miles away. The participant will be using TD Bank which is 4.3 miles away. The nearest movie theatre is Regal Point Orlando Cinemas, and
it is .7 miles away. The nearest shopping mall is The Pointe Orlando which is .6 miles away.

Transportation: The participant is responsible to make it in time for work. Public transportation is available via the Lynx bus line or I-Ride Trolley.
The trip will take approximately 35-minutes to 1-hour in total. A thirty-day pass for Lynx is $50.00. A 14-day pass for I-Ride is $18.

In the event the public transportation is not a good option, the participant may need to find alternate transportation like taxi rides, bicycle rides, or other
means of transportation. The participant may need to use multiple transportation options to travel to/from work. For example, the public bus may
not operate on certain days, so the participant may need to bike on those days, or the participant may not want to walk at night so the participant will need to
take a taxi. The Host Employer is not expected to adjust schedules to accommodate the participant’s transportation preferences.


Area Information: The nearest major city is Orlando and Tampa (approximately 75 miles). Please fly into Orlando International Airport (MCO). Clear arrival instructions will be given to you in your arrival guide. Area Description: This area is considered a major city and offers a lot of entertainment and
cultural experiences. Orlando, for most people, conjures up the image of theme parks, mainly Walt Disney World, but it has a lot more to offer than that. (In
fact, Disney World is not in Orlando, but is in nearby Lake Buena Vista). With the estimated 52 million tourists a year, Orlando and many other areas in the
region have developed a lot to offer the less theme park minded (or theme park exhausted) traveler!

Websites: The participant is required to go online and get familiar with the area they are going to, including transportation availability and things to do while they are in the USA. While performing research, the participant must choose an area that they feel comfortable with. Visit Orlando’s website to learn more about the city.
Average Temperature: The average summer high temperature is 91°F (33°C) and the average summer low temperature is 73°F (23°C). The participant should check a weather website for the daily weather information.

Safety Tips: General Safety Tips for the United States

• Become familiar with the area around your housing, to and from work,
and shopping areas.
• Ask US residents (your friends, co-workers, employer, landlord, etc.)
about areas you should avoid, especially at night.
• Make sure you know the numbers to call in case of an emergency “911”
is the general emergency number in the US, and your particular region
may have numbers to call for non-emergencies.
• Locate the police station that serves your neighborhood.
• Identify the hospital emergency room nearest to your home and know
what to do in case of an accident.
• When using public transportation and when you are in the city remain
aware of yourself and your belongings to avoid being the “target” of a
pickpocket. Do not leave any of your bags unattended or display any
objects of value.
• Try to travel in pairs.
• Know your address and telephone number along with the Emergency
Line number- (888) 992-3872.
• Do NOT carry your passport or social security card with you.
• Keep large amounts of cash in a bank account. Try to only carry small
• If you are riding a bicycle, ALWAYS wear a helmet, light colored
clothing, and cross ONLY at cross walks. Reflective lights are required
at nights.
• Keep a prepaid cell phone with you while traveling if possible.
• Remember that the legal drinking age in the US is 21. You cannot
consume alcohol if you are less than 21 years old. If you are over 21, it
is illegal to sell to or purchase alcohol for someone younger than 21
years of age. For tobacco, the legal age is 18, and the same rules apply.
• LifeTRAVELED does not accept medical marijuana cards or any other
temporary documentation that permits illegal substance abuse.
• Please refer to this website for further detailed safety precautions
Cell Phone: Participants are required to have a working US cell phone while they are in
the program. If the participant would like to have a working SIM card
immediately upon arrival in USA, they may order one to their home address
Cultural Activities: While participant’s employment is a benefit of the J1 program, the purpose of
the program is to experience American culture. Therefore, participant will be
required to participate in cultural activities throughout their program.
LifeTRAVELED will arrange events and encourages participants to live their
program to the fullest.