Zanzibar Childcare Placement

Share basic concepts at local kindergartens, childcare centres and primary schools on the Island of Zanzibar!

In this program, you will be assisting teachers and staff at local primary schools and kindergartens in Zanzibar. Besides sharing your knowledge of basic English, numbers, colours, etc., you will also help out with caretaking in the classroom and creating educational activities for the children such as drawing, singing, and more.


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Program Description

Our unique program offers you the chance to make a lasting impact in this picturesque corner of the world. We’re not just about bricks and mortar; we’re about creating better futures. In partnership with local animal shelters and village schools, we’re on a mission to improve both the learning conditions of students and the well-being of animals in need.

As you step into the heart of Puerto Escondido, you become an essential part of the change. The core of our program centers around the renovation and restoration of school infrastructure. Together, we breathe new life into local educational facilities, crafting inspiring learning spaces that empower students to dream big. From vibrant library makeovers to playful playground rejuvenations, classroom rejuvenations and essential school furniture repairs, your hands-on involvement ensures that students are equipped with an environment where they can thrive.

In addition to our educational endeavors, we lend a helping hand to local animal shelters, providing love and care for our four-legged friends in need. Your journey extends to embracing abandoned and vulnerable animals, offering them the warmth, shelter, and hope they deserve. In Puerto Escondido, the sunsets are more golden, the waves more inviting, and the community spirit more vibrant because of your involvement. Join us in this unique fusion of compassion, construction, and community-building, and become a beacon of hope in Puerto Escondido, where every brick laid and every paw cared for brings a brighter tomorrow.

Your Role – General Information

Your role in this transformative journey is central to creating lasting change in the lives of both local students and animals in need. Here is a general overview of your responsibilities and what to expect during your time with us:

  • Educational Empowerment:

Your primary role will revolve around improving the learning conditions of local students. This includes participating in various renovation and construction projects at village schools. You will have the opportunity to revamp school inner and outer class rooms, rejuvenate playgrounds, and assist in repairing school furniture to create inspiring learning environments. Your hands-on involvement ensures that students have the infrastructure they need to dream, learn, and succeed.

  • Animal Care and Welfare:

Our program also extends its embrace to local animal shelters. Your role may involve offering love, care, and support to animals in need. You’ll help create a better life for these furry friends, providing them with the warmth and shelter they deserve. Whether it’s feeding, cleaning, or spending quality time with these animals, your compassion will make a significant impact on their well-being.

  • Community Building:

Your participation in the program extends beyond the construction and care aspects. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant local community of Puerto Escondido. Embrace the culture, connect with fellow participants, and contribute to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the region.

  • Impact and Inspiration:

Your role is more than just a contribution; it’s about leaving a legacy. Your dedication to these projects and your compassion for both students and animals will bring hope, inspiration, and a brighter future to Puerto Escondido. Your actions will echo in the smiles of students, the wagging tails of animals, and the hearts of the local community.

You’ll be actively engaged in program activities for a minimum of 5 hours a day, with the exception of local holidays when activities may be adjusted. This commitment ensures that your efforts have a meaningful and sustained impact on the community and the projects we undertake. We appreciate your dedication to the program’s success and the positive change we strive to bring about.

Add-on: +Learning

There is no +Learning add-on available for this program.

Aims & Objectives

  • Educational Empowerment: To enhance the learning conditions for local students by renovating schools, libraries, and playgrounds, thus creating inspiring educational environments.
  • Animal Care and Welfare: To provide love and support to animals in need at local shelters, improving their well-being and living conditions.
  • Community Building: To immerse participants in the local culture, fostering connections, and contributing to the vibrant Puerto Escondido community.
  • Impact and Inspiration: To leave a lasting legacy of hope, inspiration, and a brighter future in the hearts of students, animals, and the local community.



  • After enjoying breakfast, you will receive a comprehensive introduction to the local team and the projects.
  • You’ll become acquainted with the center, including an overview of the dos and don’ts, the Code of Conduct, the Child Protection Policy, and Media Consent guidelines.
  • The morning will also feature an insightful presentation on the culture of Puerto Escondido and a basic lesson in Spanish, the local language.
  • Following lunch, you will have the opportunity to explore the vibrant town of Puerto Escondido.
  • Visit will allow you to arrange mobile phone connections, access currency exchange services, and utilize nearby ATM facilities for your convenience.

Tuesday to Friday

  • Enjoy a hearty breakfast to energize for the day and depart to the project site.
  • Engage in renovation and construction activities aligned with your role, such as working on school infrastructure, classroom, playgrounds, or assisting at animal shelter construction and renovation activities as directed by the coordinator.
  • Savor a delicious lunch to recharge and relax.
  • Continue with your dedicated efforts on the projects, making a positive impact on the community and animals.

**This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions & holidays and unforeseen circumstances.***

Starting Dates

During 2023

This program starts every week.

During 2024

This program starts every week.

Participant Criteria & Requirements

Standard Requirements

Minimum age: 18

Maximum age: 65

Minimum English level: Basic

CRB required: On Signup

Passport copy required: No

Resume copy required: No

Required qualification: None

Additional Requirements

There are no further requirements.

Additional Equipment

  • Work Gloves: Sturdy work gloves for safety and comfort during construction and renovation tasks.
  • Safety Goggles: Protect your eyes from dust, debris, and potential hazards while working on projects.
  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun’s rays during outdoor activities.
  • Comfortable Work Attire: Dress in comfortable, breathable clothing suitable for physical work, and consider bringing a change of clothes for after-work activities. (Please note that attire must adhere to local cultural norms, covering shoulders and legs when at school sites.)
  • Closed-Toe Shoes: Durable, closed-toe footwear with good grip for safety and comfort on the work site.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: Stay hydrated throughout the day by carrying a refillable water bottle.
  • Backpack or Bag: A small backpack or bag to carry personal items, essentials, and snacks.
  • Notebook and Pen: Keep a journal to document your experiences and jot down important information or insights.
  • Wet Wipes: Handy for quick clean-ups and refreshing during breaks.
  • Hand Sanitizer and Mask: Essential for maintaining hygiene and adhering to safety protocols.
  • Personal Medication & First Aid Kit: Bring any personal medications and a basic first aid kit to address minor health concerns.
  • Personal Toiletries: Include personal hygiene items like soap and tissues for use during breaks and towel and swim wear when going to the beach in the evening for relaxation.
  • Bug & Mosquito Repellent: Stay protected from insects during outdoor activities.