Palawan Construction and Renovation

Give back to the people of Palawan by constructing and renovating their houses, health care centers, schools, or other community facilities.

In Palawan, there is a high demand for assistance in construction and renovation work. Many people on this Island don’t have the funds to renovate their houses or upgrade communal places such as schools, healthcare facilities and community centers. This program is sure to bring you closer to the kind and friendly people of  Palawan.


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Program Description

The province of Palawan is in the MIMAROPA region and is the largest province in the country. In addition,Palawan is one of the best places to visit in the country, as it is consistently ranked as one of the best islands in the world, and for a good reason. It boasts white sand beaches and islands, crystal clear blue waters, a spectacular variety of marine life, shipwreck sites, amazing waterfalls, majestic towering cliffs, historic places, savory local delicacies and dishes and rich and diverse culture groups that will offer you amazing, breathtaking and unforgettable experiences.

However, despite the beauty and progressive Palawan, there are areas and places that need to be given attention to especially communal infrastructures. These communal infrastructures include schools, plazas, churches, health centers, multi-purpose halls, community centers and help in constructing Local people’s houses as there are many people living on the Island of Palawan who don’t have the funds to upgrade their living conditions.

These communal infrastructures need to be worked on, upgraded, constructed and renovated in order to provide quality, safe and conducive learning spaces for children, spaces to conduct historic and community events and for locals to have a comfortable home and so on.  In addition, construction is vital in creating buildings and safe spaces that connect communities, creating jobs and improving the standard of the society. And that’s where you can extend help and extra hand.

In this project, you will work alongside local Palawan people and this will give them a unique insight into the lifestyle and culture of the population of this beautiful island. Moreover, you will join other participants from all over the world to jointly work on these construction efforts. 

Lastly, the project takes place at the very heart of Tigman Village, Aborlan, Palawan.

So what you can expect from your efforts is to be directing and implementing your construction skills wherever they are needed most!

Your Roles – Other Information

On the other hand, you don’t need special qualifications or even to have experience in construction efforts but do consider this job requires physical strength and endurance in hot weather conditions. In addition, your work will depend upon the needs of the school, community or recipients at that particular point in time.  However, your main roles will be, but are not limited to:

  • Assist in the construction and renovations of communal infrastructures such as schools, churches, local houses and so on;
  • Digging and assembling construction materials;
  • Laying brick and cement.
  • Help & Assist in the construction and renovations of school playgrounds;
  • Make school pathways and fence;
  • Build and renovate Toilet facilities;
  • Repair and Renovate School walls;
  • Help and assist in building new Classrooms or any other school facilities;
  • Help in Painting school buildings;
  • Gardening and Landscaping; and
  • Repair and make tables & Chairs.

Finally, during the construction activities, please be careful and mindful when using construction equipment and material, ask assistance from your local coordinators for heavy  tasks  and of course to enjoy and make the most of your stay and make memorable learning experiences.

Add-on: +Learning

There is no +Learning add-on available for this program.

Aims & Objectives

  • Improve the quality of life for underprivileged citizens in and around Tigman Village, Aborlan, Palawan.
  • Assist the locals of Palawan with construction and renovation efforts in an organized team
  • Create cultural exchange opportunities through our efforts with the locals
  • Give you some practical experience in light construction and renovation work.



  • Breakfast
  • Introduction meeting, House rules, Setting Expectations, Health and Safety Advice, handling of documents & Signing up of relevant documents.
  • Filipino Do’s and Don’ts, Dress Codes,  Filipino Culture Lessons and Basic Filipino Language Lessons.
  • Tour Around Town’s center and Local Area, and arrange a sim-card if necessary.
  • Lunch
  • Project Meetings, Observation and Preparations with assigned Local Program Coordinators.
  • Dinner
  • Cultural Night

Tuesday to Friday

  • Breakfast
  • Engage in Construction and renovation efforts.
  • Lunch
  • Engage in Construction and renovation efforts.
  • Dinner

Note: Every Thursday, we have a Karaoke Night at the nearby Village Beach Bar starting from 7 o’clock until 10’ o’clock in the evening. This activity will give you and other participants a time for relaxation, socialization, a welcome party for new comers and at the same time a farewell party for the participants who will end their programs.

Note: Program will have a minimum of four (4) hours a day.

***This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.***

Starting Dates

During 2023

This program starts every week.

During 2024

This program starts every week.

Participant Criteria & Requirements

Standard Requirements

Minimum age:                18

Maximum age:                –

Minimum English level:        Basic

CRB required:                On Signup

Passport copy required:        No

Resume copy required:        No

Required qualification:        None

Additional Requirements

The following are further necessary in order for both the participants, local staff and everyones involved to have a meaningful, enjoyable and safe community program.

  • Older participants or over 65 years are required to have a medical clearance as proof of their physical fitness as they may perform various activities.
  • Participants below 18 years old need a signed parental consent as proof of involvement of their children for the program. If possible, accompaniment by an adult is highly advised.
  • You don’t need special qualifications or even to have experience in Constructions but do consider this job requires physical strength and endurance in hot weather conditions.
  • High level of efficiency, accuracy and responsibility and can work under pressure and is a team player.
  • Excellent time management and self – organizing and a strong desire to take on new challenges and learn as much as possible.
  • Required a COVID – 19 Vaccination. You are also advised to bring with you a  COVID – 19 antigen rapid test as you need to take one test per week.
  • You are advised to purchase travel, medical and Covid – 19 insurance prior to your arrival.
  • Bring comfortable working clothes (preferably modest clothing covering knees and shoulders for women and tshirts, working pants, gloves and sturdy shoes for men) and must follow the dress code policy.
  • Have completed or recommended the following vaccines: Polio, Hepatitis A, Diphtheria/Tetanus, Typhoid, Malaria, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis.

Additional Equipment

Dress Code:

  • The Philippines is a Conservative Country, please wear modest clothing covering knees and shoulders. Loose and long clothing is both respectful and tends to keep you cooler in hot climates. Cover up as much as possible in the spirit of the local culture to avoid embarrassment.
  • Your clothes must not be too short, too tight, or too revealing. Kindly make sure your shoulders and legs are covered.
  • It is completely fine to wear western clothes as long as they fit the local standards.
  • Be thoughtful of the graphics, symbols or text printed on your clothing and avoid wearing clothing styles that might be inappropriate

Personal belongings such as:

  • Comfortable working clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and wet all day.
  • Bring Personal toiletries such as basic soap, shampoo, toothpaste and towels.
  • Bring also hat, sunglasses to protect from the heat of the sun particularly during the construction activities.
  • Please also bring work gloves, sturdy shoes or boots as you may do some heavy construction tasks.
  • An environmentally friendly sunscreen or lotion is also advised to protect you from the heat of the sun and please carry with you preventive agents during outdoor activities, such as mosquito repellents for insect bites or other insects that may irritate your skin.
  • Moreover, bring Medicines with you especially if you have to take specific medicines on a regular basis as well as other medicines for headaches and stomach aches.
  • Refillable water bottles and hydration packs to stay hydrated throughout the day particularly during construction activities.