Canine Rehabilitation Kathmandu

Aid in the rescue of dogs in need as well as getting them back to a healthy state before they get adopted.

This is a chance to not only learn more about Nepal – this is a unique opportunity to learn about dogs, to understand them, and learn how to handle and care for them. The streets of Nepal are often flooded with injured and/or starving dogs. In this program, you will help in a lot of different activities including rescuing of the animals and in the process of bringing them back to health.


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Program Description

The condition of animals in Nepal is very impoverished. They are poorly kept and often kicked out of their homes as they grow old. On the streets, the conditions are even worse. A lot of stray dogs and cows can be seen in almost every street and square of Kathmandu. They are left to fend for themselves and roam freely on the streets.

During the program, you will aid in the rescue and rehabilitation of street dogs and those that have been abandoned by their owners. These dogs are usually mangy and starving. A lot of these animals suffer from the agony of maggots, infected wounds, skin disorders, worms and parasites, and run the risk of losing their limbs. The program has been operating in the valley to resolve these issues and to counter the growing number of street dogs. After being rescued, the dogs are kept in the animal shelter and later released or offered for adoption and into a better life.

Add-on: +Learning

There is no +Learning add-on available for this program.

Aims & Objectives

To rescue injured or mistreated animals both from the streets and neglecting owners. The dogs are then kept in the animal shelter and later released or offered for adoption.


Monday to Friday

You will spend your day here shadowing veterinary doctors and may be called upon to assist them and to also go out onto the streets of Kathmandu to identify and rescue dogs that need treatment. Tasks vary depending on the needs at the time. However, the main ones consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Rescuing and treating injured street dogs
  • Sterilization of female dogs
  • Help in feeding stray dogs
  • Cleaning their enclosures
  • Walking the dogs, cleaning and bathing them, etc.

***This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.***

Starting Dates

During 2023

This program starts every week.

During 2024

This program starts every week.

Participant Criteria & Requirements

Standard Requirements

Minimum age:                18

Maximum age:                65

Minimum English level:        Basic

CRB required:                On Signup

Passport copy required:        On Signup

Resume copy required:        No

Required qualification:        None

Additional Requirements

An anti-rabies vaccine is necessary for this project before you arrive in Nepal

Additional Equipment

  • Important: Please ensure that you have been vaccinated for rabies.
  • Gloves.
  • Surgical masks.
  • Antiseptics.
  • Disinfectants.