Campus Life (Teaching) Ho Chi Minh

Teaching with a twist! Help students your own age with your advanced English skills, in a two-way teaching – learning process that will allow for great cultural exchange!

Teach English! Native and advanced level speakers will help students improve vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation and fine tune their overall knowledge of English. You will assist your peers – mostly hospitality and tourism students, 16-25 years old, in a mutually beneficial, two-way learning process and cultural exchange.


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Program Description

With a fast growing tourism industry in Vietnam, English Communication skills is a must particularly with students taking up hospitality and tourism management as they served as the forefront of the said industry. Aside from that, English is hailed as an international Language, therefore, it is vital for everyone to learn in order to prepare us in our future endeavors, most specially with international relations and multi cultural exchange. And that will be your assignment, to Teach English!

On the other hand, the program takes place at the well – known Saigontourist Hospitality College in the city of Ho Chi Minh. The said college was founded in 1989 which was initially created as a Basic Tourism and Hospitality School. This institution is a post- secondary institution that seeks to provide students with hands – on training in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Additionally, in this program, you will be playing the role of a mentor inside the Hospitality and Tourism College as Cooking, Restaurant, Hotel Management and Tour guiding being the main majors of this institution.This is often in the form of re-enactments, real-life scenes and communication. Your advanced level English or Native Speaker level will be just what your peers need to move their language skills forward.

You may also teach a few classes a day, each class runs a total of one hour and 15 minutes and will be led by a head participant mentor (everyone will get a chance to lead the lesson) with the support from local teachers. During each session, the lead mentor will spend 10 minutes getting to know students and introduce yourself at the beginning of every class, and previewing the lesson of the day. Thereafter, students will be divided into small groups, whereby each participant will mentor one group. Meanwhile, in order for this to be successful, you will be required to have a discussion with a local teacher before your class, and prepare games using the teaching manual provided in collaboration with other participants.

Finally, you will regularly attend the classes and have maximum interaction with the students throughout the day. You will be able to spend your free time during the evenings and weekends with the friends you make throughout your stay. The students here are always keen to improve their English, and they welcome foreigners into their culture and are eager to show you their way of life!

Your Role – General Information

Meanwhile, please keep in mind that you don’t need special qualifications or even to have taught English beforehand, the whole point of this program is merely to introduce students to the language in the most friendly way possible. Though, English is being taught in schools, however, don’t expect your student to be as fluent and eloquent as you are, as subjects taught in their native language, but instead to pick up some words and phrases that might help them enrich, develop and improve their English Communication skills as preparations in their future career in the tourism industry. Finally, Multicultural exchange can go way further than the English lessons themselves.

On the other hand, the core focus of our Campus Life (Teaching) program will depend upon the needs of the College at that particular point in time. Your main roles will be, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching English alongside the local teachers.
  • Have a thorough discussion with a local teacher before your class.
  • Prepare games using the teaching manual provided in collaboration with other participants.
  • Prepares and organizes lessons and meaningful learning activities with the local program coordinator and local teachers.
  • Facilitate learning activities such as re-enactments, real-life scenes and communication exercises.
  • Join other activities conducted at the college.
  • Prepare practical assessment exercises.
  • Checked assessment exercises.
  • Mark the monthly examinations or assessment.

Moreover, remember that you are exploring this place different from the corner of your home, thus, throughout your stay you are expected to adhere and follow all the stated rules and regulations set and to keep in mind the following considerations, thus, failure to comply may lead to your termination from the program. This is for however implemented and advised for your utmost safety while staying

During the Program Activities:

  • Work at the placement for a minimum of five hours a day.
  • Be on time and always come to your assigned class prepared.
  • Respect the time of your partner participants in preparing the lessons and class sessions.
  • There may be a change of time and schedules so please be patient and respect the advice of your local program coordinator and local teachers.
  • Be respectful with the local staff, the local people, fellow participants,local teachers and to the community in general at all times.
  • Be creative in preparing lessons in fun and engaging ways.
  • Actively partake in the day to day operations of the college.
  • Join  college activities and other community activities.
  • Work closely with your local program coordinator alongside local teachers.
  • Smile and have lots of patience as you are working with students with various personalities and learning needs and styles.
  • Respect and understand the learning needs and styles of the students.
  • Be responsible for your class schedules and lesson preparations.
  • Wherever you go into the College premises ladies MUST wear a dress that covers their shoulders and knees, and basically the more that is covered the better. Men must wear trousers, T-shirts and shoes.
  • Under the influence of alcohol during your teaching schedule is strictly prohibited.
  • Always bring Water bottled or containers.
  • Enjoy and make the most of your stay and make memorable learning experiences.

Note: Stated rules and regulations will be discussed further by the local staff or the Country Manager a day after your arrival.        

Please note that there are no classes during the public holidays and school breaks, however, we join in celebration with the local people or change the program to one of the other programs such as the Food Shop Program.

Add-on: +Learning

There is no +Learning add-on available for this program.

Aims & Objectives

  • Improve the College Students educational prospects particularly in improving English Communication skills;
  • Offer education in the tourism and leisure industry for Vietnamese students;
  • Assist the local staff and teachers by providing an extra hand;
  • Develop your teamwork and creativity skills through practical work;
  • Experience peer-to-peer English language learning and cultural exchange; and
  • Give you invaluable and practical experience in teaching.



  • Breakfast
  • Introduction meeting, House rules, Setting Expectations, Health and Safety Advice, handling of documents & Signing up of relevant documents.
  • Vietnam Do’s and Don’ts, Dress Codes,  Vietnam Culture Lessons
  • Project Meetings & Preparations with assigned Local Coordinators.
  • Tour around the campus and nearby areas around the city.
  • Lunch
  • Basic Vietnamese Language and Cooking lessons.
  • Games and other Recreational Activities at the Campus open ground.
  • Family Dinner at a Local Restaurant

Tuesday to Friday

Morning Activities

  • Breakfast
  • Teaching session and activities at the College.
  • Lunch
  • Teaching session and activities at the College.
  • 6:00 Dinner

***This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.***

Starting Dates

During 2023

This program starts every week.

During 2024

This program starts every week.

Participant Criteria & Requirements

Standard Requirements

Minimum age:                18

Maximum age:                –

Minimum English level:        Proficient

CRB required:                On Signup

Passport copy required:        No

Resume copy required:        No

Required qualification:        None

Additional Requirements

The following are further necessary in order for both the participants, local staff and everyones involved to have a meaningful, enjoyable and safe community program.

  • Older participants or over 65 years are required to have a medical clearance as proof of their physical fitness as they may perform various activities.
  • Participants below 18 years old need a signed parental consent as proof of involvement of their children for the program. If possible, accompaniment by an adult is highly advised.
  • Since you are working with students with so much energy and different personalities, a decent level of energy and patience is required.
  • Basic Hospitality Management knowledge and know – how.
  • High level of efficiency, accuracy and responsibility and can work under pressure and is a team player.
  • Excellent time management and self – organizing and a strong desire to take on new challenges and learn as much as possible.
  • Recommended to atleast have COVID – 19 Vaccination. You are advised to purchase travel and medical insurance prior to your arrival.
  • Have completed or recommended the following vaccines: Polio, Hepatitis A, Diphtheria/Tetanus, Typhoid, Malaria, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Cholera, Japanese Encephalitis. In case of Yellow Fever, a certificate of vaccination is required if you are arriving from an area with a risk of yellow fever transmission.

Additional Equipment

Teaching Materials:

No specific equipment required for this project. However, you are more welcome to bring with you some educational and meaningful learning resources to be used for teaching – learning activities.

Dress Code:

  • Cover up as much as possible in the spirit of the local culture to avoid embarrassment.
  • Your clothes must not be too short, too tight, or too revealing. Kindly make sure your shoulders and legs are covered.
  • Dress professionally since you will be working in a professional environment while teaching the college students.
  • It is completely fine to wear western clothes as long as they fit the local standards.
  • Be thoughtful of the graphics, symbols or text printed on your clothing and avoid wearing clothing styles that might be inappropriate particularly inside the school premises.


  • An environmentally friendly sunscreen or lotion is also advised to protect you from the heat of the sun and please carry with you preventive agents during outdoor activities, such as mosquito repellents for insect bites.
  • Moreover, bring Medicines with you especially if you have to take specific medicines on a regular basis as well as other medicines for headaches and stomach aches.
  • Refillable water bottles and hydration packs to stay hydrated throughout the day particularly during class.