J1 Ireland is one of the leading agents for the US, J-1 Visa program in Ireland.

With a backround in Irish immigrant support, J1 Ireland was established out of Chicago in 2014 to provide greater and more cost-effective options for Irish students wishing to travel to the US on the J-1 Summer Work and Travel program.

With an extensive knowledge and broad Irish American network across the United States, J1 Ireland offers a range of contacts and supports in sourcing jobs, participating in Gaelic Games and local Irish American support.

It introduced a number of cost-effective options and innovation s for Irish students.

J1 Ireland was the first to offer Irish students the cash-saving option of sourcing and pricing their own flights to the US.

It has continued to grow in popularity and is renowned for its reliability and accessible, prompt, and personable service. It enjoys the goodwill and trust of Irish students and was to the fore in offer refunds to students at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

With the resumption of services in 2022 following the pandemic, J1 Ireland worked around the clock to address the many delays and difficulties encountered by Irish students with visa appointments and processing times.