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The J-1 Summer Work Travel visa allows third level students travel to the US during their summer vacation and work for up to four months in seasonal summer jobs. After finishing work participants are allowed to stay in the US for up to a further 30 days as a tourist to travel the country. The purpose of the program is to allow students form outside the US to share their culture with the people of the US and experience American culture through work and travel.

Program Fees Include

Other third-party fees include: US Embassy interview fee $160, SEVIS fee €40, postage of visa paperwork €10.

Program Eligibility

Why Book With J-1 Ireland ?

Plans and Pricing

J-1 Summer Work Travel - €799 - SPECIAL HOUSING OFFER

$50 discount off regular fee €849 - Proof of arranged housing is required before visa paperwork issued
  • All the above default elements
  • Your assigned sponsor for this option has the following requirements listed below
  • Evidence of secured verifiable non-temporary must be provided before visa paperwork DS 2019 is issued. Stay with family or friends is OK. One month Airbnb also sufficient.
  • Employer must allow participant to commence work upon the agreed job start date while allowing the participant a maximum 10-day grace period to apply for a Social Security Number
  • Limited Offer subject to availability

Universal Studios Premium Placement - NEW Package!

Make your J-1 Summer Work and Travel program for 2023 the most adventurous yet. Work in the exciting and spectacular Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida where hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to each year.

Universal have a limited number of places available for Irish students and be sure that these places will be in high demand

J-1 Summer Work Travel

Universal Studios Premium Placement
  • Universal Studios job placement
  • Summer housing Facilities
  • Health insurance covering your J-1 program and travel period