J-1 Summer Work Travel 2024

Open For Late Applications

Enjoy the summer of a lifetime

The J-1 Summer Work Travel visa allows third level students travel to the US during their summer vacation and work for up to four months in seasonal summer jobs. After finishing work participants are allowed to stay in the US for up to a further 30 days as a tourist to travel the country. The purpose of the program is to allow students form outside the US to share their culture with the people of the US and experience American culture through work and travel.

Late Applications Special Offer Only €849

Program places are now available for late applications. Limited offer subject to availability.

Please note that the Applicant must agree and acknowledge that should the Applicant wish to submit a J-1 Visa Application and J-1 Summer Job Offer after the Submission Deadline of March 24th has passed, the processing of applications may be delayed which in turn may delay any intended travel dates that the Applicant might have. J1 Ireland accepts no liability for any delays to expected or anticipated travel plans by reason of the submission of a J-1 Visa Application and J-1 Summer Job Offer following the March 24th Submission Deadline and/or any resultant delay incurred as a consequence of Travel Restriction.

Please ensure you read terms and conditions before booking.


J-1 Summer Work Travel - Late Booking Offer

  • Visa paperwork (DS 2019 form) required to book US Embassy interview.
  • Vetting of your US job offer
  • Sponsor administration support throughout your J-1 program
  • Health insurance covering your J-1 program and up to 30 days travel period
  • Job assist option only €200 - No charge unless placed.
  • GAA optional insurance cover for €100

Program Fees Include

Other third-party fees include: US Embassy interview fee $185, SEVIS fee €40

Program Eligibility

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