What is the J-1 Summer Work Travel Visa? 

The J-1 Summer Work Travel Visa is a visa issued by the US Embassy that allows full time 3rd level students work up to four months during their summer vacation in the US. It is stamped on passport after successful visa interview at the Embassy.

What is a J-1 program sponsor?

US State Department designatedJ-1 program sponsors are non profit organisations that are authorised to issue the visa paperwork (DS 2019) that allow an application for a J-1 visa at a US Embassy. For the J-1 Summer Work Travel program the sponsor must approve job offer and application of the J-1 application before visa paperwork is issued.

Can I book my own flight?

All J-1 applicants booking their J-1 program through J-1 Ireland are able to source and book their own flights.

Can I participate in the program more than once?

Yes. You can participate in the program up to 3 times as long as you are a full time student.

Can I apply as final year undergraduate or masters student?

Yes. You are eligible to apply for the program as long as you are full time 3rd level student when applying.

What types of jobs are allowed?

Your summer job must be seasonal summer entry level work. Seasonal work is typically in the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors.

Can I find my own job?

Yes. You can source your own job which J-1 Ireland will vet with the program sponsor. You can also avail of job assist option through J-1 Ireland.

How long can I spend in the US as a tourist after I finish working?

After you last day at work you have an additional 30 days to travel around the US.