Your sponsor for the J-1 Irish Work Travel program is Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh. J1 Ireland is their agent in Ireland. To complete your application, follow steps below.

Please read terms and conditions before continuing.

1. Book Program Place

Full program fee is €1399.

This includes:


  1. Deposit €300 is payable now to book program place.
  2. Final payment of €1099 when your application is approved and your DS2019 is ready to be posted.


  1. Cancel after €300 deposit is paid: forfeit €300 deposit.
  2. Cancel after full program fee is paid and DS-2019 has been issued and prior to visa issuance by Embassy: forfeit €500.
  3. If the Programme is cancelled or suspended by reason of Force Majeure, after the Final Payment has been received by J1 Ireland and prior to the Program commencement date, student can request a €899 refund of the program fee.
  4. €899 of program fee will be refunded in the case of visa denial by US Embassy. The DS-2019 form must be returned to receive a refund.
  5. Cancel after full program fee is paid and DS-2019 has been issued and visa issuance by Embassy: forfeit full program €1399.

3rd Party Fees not included in program fee: USA Embassy Fee ($160), SEVIS (€240)

You will receive order confirmation to your email address. You will be sent payment link for final payment when your DS 2019 form is ready to be issued.

Please note that in the current uncertain climate, the J-1 Irish Work Travel program remains subject to any governmental travel guidance or restrictions and the relevant governmental offices remaining open for the processing of applications and your application and payment of the non-refundable deposit is made in that context. It is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions of the programme prior to making the payment of the non-refundable deposit and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

See Department of Foreign Affairs and US Embassy in Ireland for more information.

Pay Deposit Booking Fee

2. Sponsor Application Form

You will need the documents listed below ready to complete application form. Do not start the form without these. This must be completed within 2 weeks of paying booking deposit. If you have genuine reason for delaying completing application form and uploading required supporting documents, you must contact J-1 Ireland by email or phone. Otherwise, you will lose your program place.

Do not upload photos from your smartphone. If you wish to use iPhone or android phone you use Note Scan or Google Drive Scan respectively to scan documents.

Application Form

3. Read Program Materials

TIPP Preparation Questionnaire J1 IWT 2023

Notes on Training Plan

Information Pack J1 IWT 2023

When you have sourced a possible intern position the above questionnaire will have to be completed by your intern supervisor.