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The Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh

The Ireland Institute offers US/Pittsburgh-based training and travel opportunities to young people from Ireland, North and South, as sponsors of three US State Department’s J-1 Visa programs. The objective of these programs is to ensure that participants return to Ireland to exercise the skills and knowledge acquired in the United States, to find employment in Ireland, to contribute to their home communities, to maintain good relations with their American friends and colleagues, and to take leadership positions in their communities, companies, and governments.

The Institute now prepares to enter a new partnership with J-1 Ireland, a visa facilitator for Irish young people seeking opportunities in the US. Through this new partnership, successful applicants may avail of visas, paid placements, housing, social services, recreational and cultural programming, educational travel, and more, in Pittsburgh and elsewhere. The Institute’s Board and Staff look forward to this and other partnership opportunities in a new era of service to Ireland’s young people.

To learn more about the Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh visit www.iiofpitt.org