J-1 Summer Work Travel Employers

The J-1 Summer Work Travel program is a four month cultural exchange program which allows Irish students to work in seasonal job positions in the US, the majority of which are sourced through the service industry.

Jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector can include positions such as servers, hosts, runners, housekeeping, kitchen support and other associated jobs.

J-1 Ireland offers US employers a no fee, confidential job placement service which only nominates candidates for summer job positions submitted to J1 Ireland by the employer, subject to the employer’s requirements.

If you are interested in participating in the J-1 Summer Work Travel Program for 2022 as an employer, please click on button below to complete the online job submission form. 

Once you have completed job information form J-1 Ireland will share your job information with the students who are applying for J1 Summer Work Travel Program for 2022 through J1 Ireland and then nominate candidates for your consideration.

J-1 Summer Job(s) Details Submission Form

 Required information for job to be approved for J-1 Summer Work Travel Program

  • Business name, address, contact details.
  • Short job description(s) and number of positions available.
  • Employer indicates type of work experience required if any.
  • Wages per hour.
  • Hours per week.

To expedite the recruitment process, could you please provide us in advance with copies of a valid Workers Compensation Document and your current business license, as required by the J-1 program to approve each job offer. These can be uploaded when completing job submission form.

Procedure For Placing J-1 Student In Job Position

  • J1 Ireland will select a student for a job position according to the following:
    1. Student is satisfied with job type, job location, number of hours estimated, wages per hour and job start and end dates.
    2. Student meets work experience requirement of employer.
  • Student CV and photo will be sent to employer.
  • Employer confirms they wish to interview student for the position by phone or online video call. Student will be advised not to contact employer before this.
  • Employer is given contact email of student to set up interview or alternatively student is given contact email of employer to set up interview.
  • Students will only be allowed to apply for one job at a time and expresses strong commitment in taking position if it is offered by the employer.
  • Employer decides whether to offer job to student. If job is offered, employer and student will sign job offer form with job details and terms and conditions.