Advance Housing Special Offer €649

  • This offer is available to a limited number of visas at the special rate of €649
  • Once you have selected to avail of this program option you are committing to providing your confirmed summer housing details.
  • Proof of housing will be required for your application is processed and visa paperwork is issued. Your visa paperwork is required to book your US Embassy interview.
  • Please note that, by selecting this option you will not be able to revert to a program place which does not require this housing information in advance visa paperwork being issued.

Visa paperwork will only be issued by the sponsor if verifiable non temporary housing details are provided to your assigned sponsor. All applicants will need to complete a housing notification form before visa paperwork is issued by the sponsor. This visa paperwork is required to book US Embassy interview.

The housing is then reviewed by the sponsor’s operations team. This includes a check on the landlord’s name, address history and a phone call. The landlord will need to speak with the operations team and review all the information submitted by the participant. If the landlord is unaware of the participant’s name that is a reason application to be rejected. Occasional rejection can come from overcrowding or a criminal history of the landlord.

You should only apply for this offer if you will have housing organised and can provide proof of this. For full terms and conditions please click here.